Mission and History


PARSA CF's mission is twofold: to strengthen entrepreneurial individuals and nonprofits that serve our community; and to mobilize national resources to take on initiatives that go beyond the domain of local organizations. We do this by making grants in these three areas:

  • Preservation and Advancement of Arts and Culture 14.gif
    Stimulating a deep pride for our heritage amongst our own community and fostering a positive image of our culture and people in the United States. 
  • Development of Leaders Through Education and Award Systems
    Preparing individuals for visionary, effective, and ethical leadership through fellowships, awards and educational programs to strengthen our community and advance our society.
  • Encouragement of Civic Participation
    Engaging in the societies in which we live and combining our voices to effect positive change for the Persian community and the community at large.


Inspired by the work of passionate social entrepreneurs and the impact of strategic philanthropy at the Global Philanthropy Forum, The H.A.N.D. Foundation organized a summit in Fall 2005 inviting generous members of the Persian community to share their philanthropic experiences and brainstorm on how successful efforts of the community could be taken to the next level.  Facing similar opportunities and constraints, and believing that the social impact of collaborative work can be just as important as producing the public good itself, the participants agreed to pool resources and create a platform to facilitate large-scale philanthropy for Persians worldwide. This infrastructure would enable free flow of information, training and funds necessary to address the needs of the community. To create an enduring institution, the founders committed to hands-on involvement, professional management and establishment of an endowment fund. Ultimately, PARSA CF's history will be shaped by the members of the community that take the initial investment of vision, time and funds and turn them into action, results and voice.