Grantee Organizations

This list shows the organizations that have received grants from PARSA CF. Some organizations have received multiple grants over time. The list includes all grants, including Donar Advised Fund (DAF) grants.

Iran Heritage Foundation$685,000
National Iranian American Council$591,500
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$389,742
Stanford University$320,814
The University of Oklahoma International Programs $310,498
Fidelity Investment Charitable Funds$303,512
Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy$300,000
University of California, Irvine, Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies$300,000
Oriental Institute Persepolis Fortification Archive, University of Chicago$250,500
Brown University, Dean of the Faculty$250,000
University of California, Davis, Middle East/South Asia Studies Program$250,000
San Jose State University Tower Foundation$213,000
California State University, Fresno$200,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $170,015
Portland State University$153,500
Link Media Inc$151,000
California State University Fresno$150,000
San Francisco State University$150,000
Promises Films$146,000
The University of Texas at Austin$141,000
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation$127,773
Ashoka: Ashoka-PARSA Fellowship$115,517
Smithsonian Inst. Freer and Sackler Galleries$107,500
Kahrizak Foundation$104,823
Butimar Productions$100,000
Online Persian College$100,000
ORAM Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration$100,000
Moms Against Poverty$81,000
Concordia University (Iranian Studies unit)$75,000
Institute of International Education$65,000
Persian Music School LA$50,001
Asian Art Museum SF$50,000
Iranian American Bar Association$50,000
National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement$50,000
Partner Pictures$50,000
University of California, Berkeley, Department of Near Eastern Studies$50,000
Relief International$39,500
Access California Services (AccessCal)$39,000
The Metropolitan Museum of Art$39,000
Child Foundation$35,600
University of Maryland Roshan Institute$35,000
Los Angeles County Museum of Art$32,000
License to Freedom$30,000
Universal Love Foundation$30,000
Bidoun Projects$25,000
Center for World Music$25,000
Persian Cultural Club$25,000
Afghan Friends Network$23,250
PAAIA Fund$22,499
Kimball Union Academy$20,000
New America Foundation$20,000
Network of Iranian American Professionals of Orange County$15,519
Teachers Without Borders$15,000
University of St. Andrews: Iranian Anthropological Studies$15,000
Walker Art Center, Inc$15,000
Sierra College Foundation$13,500
Golestan Kids$13,082
Persian Cultural Center$13,000
ISCC for MAHAK$11,500
Amazon Watch$10,000
Asia Society: Illuminating Islam$10,000
Associates in Cultural Exchange$10,000
Astronomers Without Borders$10,000
Cambridge in America$10,000
Eastern Arts: The Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Eastern Arts$10,000
Esalen Institute$10,000
Freedom House$10,000
Global Green$10,000
Homeboy Industries$10,000
House of Ruth$10,000
Inner-City Arts$10,000
LA Conservation Corp$10,000
Menlo School$10,000
School on Wheels$10,000
St. Anne's$10,000
Tree People$10,000
University of Minnesota Foundation$9,923
Village Enterprise Fund$8,752
Silicon Valley Community Foundation$8,702
Chicago Persian School$8,000
Khayam Persian School Foundation$7,500
Iranica Institute$7,000
Butterfly Buzz$6,000
Afsaneh Arts & Culture Society: 2008 Media Outreach$5,000
Agape Foundation$5,000
Americans for Informed Democracy$5,000
Child Family Health International$5,000
CHILD: Youth Ambassadors of Hope$5,000
Children's Hope International Literacy & Development$5,000
Creating Hope International/Afghan Institue of Learning$5,000
Glendale Association for the Retarded (GAR)$5,000
Glendon College Independent Research on Iran$5,000
Iranian Children's Cultural and Educational Center$5,000
Iranian Studies Group at MIT$5,000
Javane: Funding for one new production in 2008$5,000
National Geographic Society: Parvaz (AinaWorld)$5,000
Providence Child Center Foundation $5,000
San Mateo Public Library Foundation$5,000
Golha Digitization Project - School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London$5,000
Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation$5,000
The Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History: Of Strings and Skin$5,000
The International School$5,000
The Translation Project$5,000
Tiburon International Film Festival: 2008 Film Festival$5,000
Oakland Youth Orchestra$4,000
Persian Students Association at Stanford - Business Alliance$4,000
American Friends of the British Museum$3,800
College Track$3,000
Glendale College Persian Student Association$3,000
Metropolitan Museum of Art$3,000
Northern Illinios University$3,000
Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative$2,500
Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California$2,500
Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation $2,500
National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundation$2,500
Oregon Health & Science University Foundation (OHSU)$2,500
Sacred Heart Schools$2,500
Regents of U of California - ME/SA Iranian Studies$2,437
Developments in Literacy$2,000
Ethnic Social Services Referral Inc$2,000
From the Heart Productions$2,000
Polaris Project$2,000
Ubuntu Education Fund$1,500
American Heart Association$1,340
SOS Outreach$1,200
Caitlin Gabel School$1,000
Iranian Students Cultural Organization at UC Berkeley$1,000
Oak Knoll PTO$1,000
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry$1,000
San Francisco Waldorf School Association$1,000
World Affairs Council of Oregon$1,000
Omid Foundation$500
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center$500
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention$465
Crisis Center of Contra Costa County$250
Inwood House$250