Letter of Inquiry

Please note: PARSA CF no longer accepts letters of inquiry. This page is part of the last grant round PARSA CF made, the 2010 Mehrgan Grant Cycle, also known as the Big Give. 

PARSA Community Foundation has concluded accepting Letters of Inquiry for the 2010 Mehrgan grant cycle. The PARSA team is now reviewing more than 200 LOIs submitted for this cycle and is in touch with the applicants in cases where more clarification is needed.  The qualification process will be finalized and the applicants will be informed of the results.

LOIs were due June 15, 2010 by midnight (pacific time).

The LOI is the first step in applying for a grant from PARSA. After your LOI is submitted, PARSA will review it and inform you if it has been approved. If your LOI is approved your organization will be invited to submit a full grant application.

Please review PARSA CF’s most recent Request for Proposal for details about program areas.  For further information, please see the 2010 Mehrgan grant cycle Frequently Asked Questions.

You will need to fill out the Letter of Inquiry form in order to apply for this grant cycle.